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Grants & Funding

The most important part of the A-BOM mission is to facilitate communication between corporations, foundations and researchers in order to develop urgent pilot projects to test the feasibility of biomarkers and outcome measures for Angelman syndrome.  These projects are developed in close collaboration with world expert researchers in each focus area as well as corporations considering Angelman clinical trials.


The Process

The Steering Committee has agreed upon a process in which projects developed directly by the A-BOM are sent to the Scientific Advisors from both ASF and FAST with a short turnaround on reviews.  The A-BOM Steering Committee then meets to consider those reviews and makes recommendations for altering the proposals and/or forwarding them to the boards of ASF and FAST for funding on their next board meeting. As time is of the essence for these urgent projects, we intend that each step is carried out as quickly as possible.  A-BOM will not pay any indirect costs.

Unsocilited proposals are read and reviewed by the director, and are either rejected, or are forwarded to a relevant focus group for consideration.  Those that are rejected will be encouraged to apply directly to the Angelman foundations for funding in their traditional funding rounds, and will be encourage to participate in face-to-face A-BOM meetings.


Funded Projects

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd (Roche) & A-BOM Collaboration, June 2017 

Angelman-specific accomodations to Bayley III, May 2017

Auditory brain responses as an indicator of cognitive function in AS, May 2017


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